The Austrian Ecolabel for Sustainable Financial Products in the Context of Current Developments

Objectives and Content

The Austrian Ecolabel has been the established "Austrian standard" for sustainable financial products for many years and is therefore the focus of the webinar series designed and conducted by OEGUT, where current (legal) developments are discussed. In recent months (and years), webinars have proven to be very effective in providing information and stimulating an exchange among the relevant stakeholders. In addition, online formats can be used to address individual target groups that are less easily accessible, for example, due to geographical distances.
The selection of topics for the individual webinars is made in close coordination with the project partner and in cooperation with the VKI - Association for Consumer Information.


Five webinars were held in 2021:

In 2022, the successful webinar series was continued on the following topics:

In 2023, OEGUT will hold four webinars on the topic of sustainable finance in close connection with Ecolabel UZ49.

In addition, the UZ49 guideline will be revised in 2023. For this purpose, OEGUT will - in addition to the webinar series - prepare an expert opinion paper for the guideline adaptation of UZ49.


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