OEGUT’s Services

The range of services offered by the OEGUT is diverse:


  • Strategic development and oversight for research programmes
  • Strategy and policy processes to change the framework conditions and awareness of stakeholders from politics, the economy, administration and interest groups
  • Development of R&D roadmaps and action plans / masterplans


  • Sustainability certification of company pension and retirement funds
  • Planning and implementation of participation and conflict-resolution processes and stakeholder dialogue
  • Expert opinion and comment
  • Product assessment in line with sustainability criteria
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Research, screening and exploration
  • Consultation and support for organisations in the implementation of gender equality measures


  • Development of assessment and benchmarking criteria for sustainable buildings and settlements, as well as innovative technologies
  • Further development of services to increase the energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, particularly within buildings
  • Technological and economical analysis of energy and innovation systems
  • Feasibility studies and potential analysis
  • Development of model-scenarios and environmental accounting

Information & Communication

  • Development and monitoring of information platforms
  • Writing publications (guidelines, handbooks), informational material (broschures, folders)
  • Organisation of events (thematic and networking workshops, symposia, stakeholder dialogues, excursions etc.)
  • Prize-giving (OEGUT Environment Prize), presentation of various national awards on behalf of public institutions

Moderation & Training

  • Training in the conceptualisation and implementation of participation
  • Training in innovative methodologies such as Art of Hosting, Dynamic Facilitation, Citizens Advice or Communities of Practice
  • Workshops on mediation and conflict resolution in the environment sector
  • Training investment managers on sustainability
  • Seminars on the foundations and principles of energy contracting
  • Workshops with and for school children