The OEGUT: a portrait

The OEGUT is an independent non-profit organisation which has been focusing on sustainability in the economy and society for more than 30 years. As a platform for this development, the OEGUT has brought together more than 100 organisations and institutions from economic backgrounds (organisations in the areas of waste management, finance, energy providers etc., interest groups such as the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) and Trade Unions), administrative bodies, and environmental groups (the largest environmental NGOs etc.).

The OEGUT is a competence centre which offers a broad and diverse range of services. Our goal is to develop and implement innovative solutions to current challenges together with our partner-network.   

Our areas of focus

We specialise in the following topic-areas:

  • Energy
  • Gender and diversity
  • Green investment
  • Innovative building
  • Participation
  • Resources

What does the OEGUT do? „Develop knowledge. Communicate knowledge. Network people.“

The OEGUT is a non-profit organisation which offers a broad-ranging and diverse range of services and a platform for sustainable development.


  • develops strategies and supports strategy processes;
  • researches and advises within specialist areas of knowledge;
  • provides information on current developments and communicates innovative, sustainable solutions (via events, publications, presentations etc.);
  • organises and hosts working groups and platforms on the topic of sustainability;
  • coordinates and manages (research) programmes;
  • offers presentations, workshops and training-sessions using innovative methods;
  • presents the annual OEGUT-Environment-Prize.

The structure of the OEGUT

The OEGUT is a non-commercial society supported by its members. Part of our work is financed via contributions from members and sponsors, however for the most part, the OEGUT generates its own funding from various projects. Currently the OEGUT employs 38 people with long-standing experience in their specialist areas.