Gender & Diversity

Focus Areas

In a globalized and interconnected world, people of different ethnic and social backgrounds, gender, age, abilities and lifestyles live and work together. Diversity has long been part of everyday life in society. Offering this diversity a space of equality, equal opportunities and justice is a challenge to which we are committed. A key aspect of this is gender equality.

Particularly in the environmental and technology sector, the proportion of people read as women in management positions is still low, and there is a pay gap between genders. This further causes the low presence of women at expert panels or jury meetings. Consequently, there is an inequality in the opportunities to shape environmental and technology issues. As a result, the realities and perspectives of women and other marginalized groups are not considered to the same extent.

We therefore focus on making women and other marginalized groups in the environment and technology sector visible, supporting their careers and creating role models. The sector culture needs to change to provide equal development opportunities for all. Diverse voices and life realities should be taken into account in research and socio-political projects so that the quality of life increases for all. We facilitate this through research, consulting, events, policy briefings and the administration of projects with an intersectional and gender & diversity focus. After all, sustainability can only be achieved if gender and diversity aspects are incorporated.

In the field of Gender & Diversity, our work touches on

  • increasing awareness of gender dimensions and intersectionality in the areas of environment and technology;
  • addressing gender & diversity relevant research topics;
  • identifying the gender, inclusivity and diversity barriers;
  • improving the professional framework and entry requirements for women and other marginalized groups in science and technology;
  • creating equal opportunities within corporate culture;
  • enhancing the visibility of successful women and other marginalized genders working within the fields of science and technology.