LOCALISED - Decarbonisation Pathways for Local Authorities, Citizens and Businesses

There are currently very few tools available to assess the effects of different climate protection scenarios. One of these is the EU Calculator (EN), which was developed as part of the predecessor project. In addition, calculation models are only available at the levels of states, which currently cannot be applied at the municipal level. The Project LOCALISED aims to close this gap.


  • Deliver understandable tools that transform localised data on decarbonisation pathways by 2030 and 2050 into knowledge for action.
  • Ensure a tight co-creation process to turn data into knowledge to the project’s main focus groups – local authorities, businesses and citizens.
  • Introduce an adapted-to-case service for the concretion, implementation and monitoring of decarbonization plans at the municipal scale.
  • Support the resilience of EU industry and businesses to the challenges of net-zero pathways as well as exploiting the associated benefits.
  • Engage with EU citizen groups on how climate change and different EU net-zero scenarios positively and negatively affect their lives.

Methodological Approach and Planned Results

  • Models from the EU and nation state level are translated to the regional level by incorporating additional data and methods. In doing so, a freely available database will be created, which can also be used for further research.
  • In order to make the impacts of climate scenarios tangible for the target groups, special tools are being developed (LOCALISED Decarboninsation Profiler and LOCALISED Net-Zero Business Consultant Tool).
  • Citizens are involved to develop an understanding of the impacts of different climate scenarios.

Project Partners


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