Barbara Ruhsmann

Barbara Ruhsmann



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Mag.a Barbara Ruhsmann has been working in the areas of participation and innovative building at ÖGUT since 2021. Previously, she worked as a project manager for the European Forum Alpbach, where she set up the Built Environment Symposium, among other things, and headed the association "Forum Wohn-Bau-Politik", which broke new ground in legislative crowdsourcing in Austria with the participatory concept of the "Wohnrechtskonvent 2019/20".

At ÖGUT, she has so far been responsible for the organizational management of the "Climate Council of Citizens", for the conception and implementation of on-site renovation consultations in municipalities and for the moderation of numerous workshops in the fields of building research, energy and climate protection.

Key activities

  • Conception and management of participatory projects
  • Head of the editorial team for the information website
  • Conception and implementation of events
  • Process design and moderation


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