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Climate conference in St.Stefan-Afiesl


The municipality of St. Stefan-Afiesl is a member of the "Zukunftsorte" association, a platform of 15 innovative Austrian municipalities that see themselves as pioneers in municipal development. Citizens of the "Zukunftsorte" are now to be increasingly involved in the implementation of climate protection measures. Accordingly, the municipal council of St. Stefan-Afiesl has decided to invite the population to a climate conference.

The energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the municipality will be surveyed in advance and reduction measures that are actually within the sphere of responsibility and action of the municipality and the population will be examined. The aim is to avoid unrealistic expectations and demands. As part of the climate conference, possible measures are discussed and further developed by citizens, politicians and administrative staff.
The result of the conference is a manifesto that not only determines the future climate policy direction of St. Stefan-Afiesl, but can also provide orientation and guidelines for action for all residents of the municipality.


Development of feasible and reasonable climate protection measures that sustainably reduce the municipality's energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The project is funded via the "Expert:innenpools" of Klimafonds.


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