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Tech4Green – Disruptive Technologies for Sustainable Production

Starting point and goals

The production of material goods is an important factor for the economic development of Austria due to the strong international integration and the role in the innovation system. A high level of innovation in domestic companies is of great importance for the competitiveness of individual companies and the economy as a whole. The objective of the project at hand is to develop a catalogue of disruptive technology examples and to derive RDI recommendations for future sustainable material production.


Technology taxonomy und manufacturing and production sector screening: First, disruptive technologies in material goods production are screened and identified. In doing so, the focus on features or attributes that retrospectively characterize these technologies as disruptive is broadened, specifically how they work and what effects they have had on the production of goods. Second, factors are described that tended to favour the development and implementation of radical innovations.

Sustainability analysis of the technology scenarios

Disruptive innovations are setting trends, create a completely new market or change a market permanently and fundamentally change the competitive structure of companies and regions - but they also bear significantly more risks. The implementation of disruptive technologies in the various industrial sectors is considered in form of scenarios. Subsequently, effects on material goods production (technological, economic, ecological and social) are compiled in quantitative and qualitative form on the basis of existing technology data.

Sample catalogue and derivation of research needs

Finally, profiles of technologies with particular relevance for Austria as a business location are created, potential starting points for an innovation-promoting environment at the strategic and operational level of public administration are developed and formulated in concrete recommendations for action.

Expected Results

As a result of this iterative screening process, together with actors from science, industry and administration, an example catalogue for disruptive technologies in the area of "Tech4Green" will be developed. Finally, target-focused RDI recommendations for action for the research program, public procurement and the area of regulatory measures are formulated.

Project participants

Project leader

  • Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT)
    Karin Granzer-Sudra (Project leader), Hannes Warmuth, Marcus Feldbaumer

Project partners

  • Scenario Editor
  • Institut für Industrielle Ökologie

This project is funded on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) and with funds from the Production of the Future programme.


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