Schulworkshop in der NMS 20. (c) ÖGUT


Smart Meters at School

Smart Meters are a key technology for the future energy system, although they are rejected by certain parts of society. This is caused by inadequate information about risks, potentials and benefits of Smart Meters. In this project, ÖGUT will produce videos explaining all aspects of this technology, positive and negative sides as well. Furthermore, we will hold workshops in three schools in Vienna, in which the pupils will have the change to get in though with actual Smart Meters and related aspects of energy provision, and energy demand and the role that Smart Meters can play in Smart Grids of tomorrow.

Project partners:

  • TGM
  • AH Rahlgasse
  • Ökomittelschule - Wiener Mittelschule Anton Baumgartner Str.
  • NMS Wien 20

More Information is available in German.


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