klimaaktiv Awards Event – Redesign and Moderation

What exactly does a photovoltaic practitioner do? Why does it make sense for social workers to acquire basic knowledge of energy advice? What does a "Master of Engineering Sustainable Construction" know? The graduates of the klimaaktiv training courses are more in demand than ever as qualified specialists. They are essential on the path to the energy, heat and mobility transition. However, the level of knowledge about "green jobs" among the population is still low.

Goals and planned results

The "klimaaktiv awards event 2.0" is intended to create space for the graduates' stories and to provide vivid impressions of the job profiles and everyday lives of the new klimaaktiv competence partners. The event is intended to create a deeper understanding of what professional skills climate protection requires and to encourage people to learn them.

A concrete result of the awards event 2.0 is a deep dive into new, climate-friendly working environments and a gain in understanding of new professional fields. Another planned result is to generate process modules from the new concept of the event that can be used for further klimaaktiv events.


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