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Decarbonization of the heating system in a condominium and development of an online platform to support decision-makers

Initial situation

Despite strong political will, the thermal refurbishment and decarbonization of heating systems in multi-storey residential buildings is still hesitant. The framework conditions are particularly challenging for condominium buildings, as decisions on technical measures are often made by a large number of owners (in this project, around 90 owners).


The goal is to create a digital companion for the collaborative switch to renewable energies. The target groups are the decision-makers in this process, e.g. residents, building owners, property managers or developers.

Methodical procedures, content

Based on the pilot project of a residential building complex in Vienna, the success factors for a planning and decision-making process for heating conversion are determined. These experiences are the basis for the development of a digital companion for the process of decarbonization of multi-storey residential buildings. Relevant questions here are, for example:

  • What information do apartment owners need, in what depth, and at what point in the planning process?
  • What kind of information is appropriate for the different target groups?
  • How should the information and decision-making process be designed so that it is transparent and time-efficient and can be carried out at reasonable cost?

Planned results

  • Existence of a successful online platform to support decision makers in the process of decarbonization of multi-storey residential buildings.
  • Successfully implemented decarbonization of the residential building complex in Vienna as a lighthouse project for further implementation projects.

Project partners

  • cobee solutions GmbH
  • tatwort Nachhaltige Projekte GmbH
  • UIV Innovation Vienna GmbH
  • FH-Technikum Wien


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