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AnergieUrban Leuchttürme

Initial Situation

According to the government program, no more natural gas is to flow through the pipelines by 2040 at the latest. In the course of the AnergieUrban Stage 1 (DE) project, it was determined that a comprehensive heat supply through anergy networks based on solar-/geothermal probe-/heat pump systems is also possible in densely built-up urban areas - and at similar full costs as with the continuation of existing natural gas heating systems.


Based on concrete construction projects (pilot projects), it will be examined which legal, organisational and socio-economic framework conditions have to be created in order to enable the best possible use of geothermal energy in urban areas.
By examining concrete pilot projects, the advantages of joint planning, construction and operational management of new construction-/refurbishment projects and their neighboring existing buildings, as well as district heating and neighboring anergy network areas in existing buildings, will be identified.

Methodological Approach, Content

The research questions are investigated based on real, representative construction projects in order to ensure that they can be applied onto other Austrian urban areas. In the context of expert interviews, focus groups and workshops, information is being collected, compiled, critically discussed and conclusions derived. In the selected pilot areas, concrete concepts for the construction and integration of anergy networks will be developed on the level of a pre-feasibility study.

Achieved Results

The results serve as a decision support for the future definition of infrastructure delineation (district heating, anergy networks, natural gas / green gas etc.) in cities. Three start cells for anergy networks were prepared in Vienna and in Linz. The most advanced is the start cell for the anergy network "Miesbachgasse" in 1020 Vienna, for which offers for heat supply contracting are currently being obtained.


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