Process Support for the RTI-Focus on Circular Economy

Initial Situation and Objectives

The Austrian federal government has set itself the goal of developing a comprehensive, cross-sector circular economy strategy with broad stakeholder involvement. The overall strategy process started in autumn 2020 and resulted in a draft Austrian circular economy strategy in January 2022, which was subjected to an online consultation by a broad public.

OEGUT contributed its expertiese in process support and moderation, process-design and conduction of stakeholder surveys. The project was carried out in a division of labor with experts from the Federal Environment Agency and the BMK.

Central components of the strategy process were the exploration of the strategy field by means of a comprehensive stakeholder survey (both online and in in-depth interviews), the development of a content-related fundamental document under the leadership of the Federal Environment Agency, the implementation of an internal vision-workshop and a coordination workshop with representatives of the federal states. Finally, the draft of the circular economy was revised after the public consultation in coordination with BMK and uba.

Methological Approach

The project involved the development and implementation of the online survey as well as the design creation and implementation of workshops. Another focus was on the adaptation of the draft strategy on the basis of the consultation results.


  • Online survey and evaluation of results on the circular economy from the perspective of Austrian stakeholders
  • Design, implementation and documentation of the BMK-internal vision - workshop "Circular Economy: Vision and Strategic Orientation".
  • Design, implementation and documentation of an internal coordination workshop with representatives of the Austrian federal provinces
  • Support of the Circular Economy Summit Austria
  • Adaptation of the circular economy strategy


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