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Most important levers of climate change adaptation in Austria


Climate change already poses numerous risks to nature and society, which will become more acute as global warming increases. Decision-makers have therefore developed comprehensive adaptation strategies and plans over the past almost 20 years to reduce these risks. In view of the large number of adaptation measures (the national adaptation strategy in Austria, for example, comprises 136 measures), the question arises as to which measures or packages of measures should be prioritized for implementation because they are particularly effective and feasible in financial, institutional and natural terms and therefore have the greatest leverage.


The aim of the project is to build bridges between science and practice and to support Austrian decision-makers in implementing adaptation to climate change in the best possible way and avoiding maladaptation.

Methodological approach, planned results

As a subcontractor, ÖGUT supports the planning, preparation, implementation and documentation of an expert workshop and three stakeholder workshops in the three case study regions.The aim of the expert workshop is to prioritize adaptation options and to develop and evaluate bundles of measures for the three model regions. The aim of the stakeholder workshops is to develop adaptation pathways for the three case studies. In a final step, these will be transferred to other Austrian regions, practical guidelines will be developed and policy recommendations will be derived.

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