Competence Office „Smart Cities & Communities“

In Austria, the BMK has been involved since 1999 and the Climate and Energy Fund since 2010 with corresponding programs for the development of building- and energy technologies in the urban environment. These programs are intended to support Austrian operators and companies in placing technologies on the national and international market in this strategic focus area. At the European level, the Smart Cities & Communities innovation partnership aims to drive forward smart urban technologies. The International Energy Agency IEA is also involved in this topic with the Energy in Buildings and Communities program.

OEGUT was significantly involved in the conceptualization of the "City of the Future" program and its topics and has been in charge of program management since 2014. The ongoing initiative "Technologies and Innovations for the Climate-Neutral City" (TIKS) is also strategically supported by OEGUT for the BMK in the conception of research priorities as well as in activities for networking and transfer of results.


The Competence Office provides comprehensive program and project support as well as innovation management in the field of Smart Cities & Communities and pursues the following long-term goals:

  • RTI strategies and programs for Smart Urban Systems: Support in the development of RTI policy measures as well as intelligent program and topic management.
  • Urban innovations and solutions: Initiating lighthouse and demonstration projects, supporting the replication and scaling of marketable solutions, as well as identifying national, transnational and European funding- and support options
  • European and international collaborations: Expansion of (strategy- and program-) cooperations in the Smart Cities field as well as communication of urban solutions from Austria
  • Program and project management "Smart Cities & Communities"

OEGUT's activities within the framework of the competence center include the following:

Strategic Program Support

  • Supporting both the department and the program partners in the preparation of calls for proposals
  • Networking with important program stakeholders within the framework of discussions and strategy workshops.

Publishing and Transferring RTI Results

  • Comprehensive support of the web portal
  • Creation and organization of thematic workshops as well as designing contributions for national and international events, such as the Mission Innovation Austria-Week.
  • Supervision of openings of completed demonstration buildings
  • quality assurance and online posting of project reports
  • preparation of results brochures


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