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Promotion of Sustainable Digital Finance in Europe (DigiFin)

Both the financial market and digitalisation play a decisive role in meeting European and national sustainability targets. In recent years, the EU has issued various regulations with the aim of promoting and strengthening both sustainability and digitalisation in the financial market. In both areas, the EU already holds a pioneering position in international comparison. However, both in the EU and in the member states, sustainability and digitalisation in the financial market have so far predominantly been considered separately from one another, leaving considerable potential for achieving environmental sustainability goals through sustainable digital financial solutions untapped.

This research project serves the purpose of gaining in-depth insights into the sustainable digital financial market at EU and nation-state level. Together with our project partners we focus on better understanding current challenges in the market and developing concrete proposals to overcome the identified hurdles. Best practice examples will be used to develop recommendations for decision makers.

In order to gain in-depth insights into the status quo of the digital sustainable financial market in the EU, in the course of the research project, interviews with relevant experts were conducted in Estonia, Austria and Ukraine and the results were discussed in round tables in the respective countries. The findings than were discussed with relevant decision makers at the EU level in a final roundtable on January 18th, 2023. This exchange on different levels creates a fertile ground for the promotion of sustainable digital financial services in the EU.


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