Digital Work during Times of Crisis. For a Gender- and Diversity-Friendly Working -from-Home Culture

The pandemic accelerated the need for digitalization and working-from-home became THE solution. Especially women were exposed to multiple burdens and could be disadvantaged by working from home in the long term. The project was carried out with the involvement of employees and employers and was supported by respective works councils (if available). As outputs of the research we provided guidelines and recommendations for a gender and diversity friendly "new" digital work culture.


In cooperation with organizations, different research methods were applied. In the first part of the project a questionnaire was created, data was collected and analyzed. In the second step, focus groups were organized and interviews were conducted to gain qualitative insights. After the analysis of the first two steps, the results were be presented to the companies. Within the specially designed Idea Lab and based on previous steps of needs-assessment and problem-definition, we generated ideas and developed prototypes for solutions in co-creation with the employees and works councils of the participating companies.

Project Team

  • ÖGUT:
    Beatrix Hausner, Elif Gül, Azadeh Badieijaryani, Julia Petschinka, Astrid Reinprecht
  • External Project Partners:
    Katharina Mader, Marita Haas (DE)


Research Report: "Digital Work during times of crisis. For a Gender- and Diversity-Friendly Working -from-Home Culture" (DE)


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