KNOWNET (European network of excellence of tourism research and


- Project aims at creating a :

  • To mutualise the research resources linked to tourism sector within Europe.
  • To create a European platform and a observatory for exchanging experiences
    and best-practices.
  • To develop new research methods and indicators for statistics and evaluation
    of tourism economical performances.
  • To identify the needs of professionalization and training of the actors in the
    tourism sector and hence to develop a schema of cooperation within Europe
    in tourism education.
  • To raise the awareness of sustainable development among the professional

Partner of the Project

  • Conservatoire national des arts et métiers, France
  • Austrian Society for Environment and Technology, Austria
  • Office wallon de la formation professionnelle et de l'emploi, Belgium
  • Harsanyi Janos Foiskola, Hungary
  • Unione Dei Comuni Della Gallura, Italy
  • Romanian Association For Knowledge Transfer, Romania
  • National Tourist Association, Slovenia
  • Dumlupinar University, Turkey

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