ÖGUT in the IEA experts group "R&D priority setting and evaluation" (EGRD)

The EGRD examines analytical approaches to energy technologies, policies, and R&D on targeted, timely topics. It thus deals with strategies for research (scenario development, roadmaps or implementation strategies for new energy technologies) as well as with the implementation of research projects.

The results and recommendations support the Committee on Energy Research and Technology (CERT), feed into IEA analysis, and enable a broad perspective of energy technology issues. Recent topics analysed include System Resiliency and Flexibility (2019), Future Energy Marked Design and Water-Energy Nexus (2018), Towards a Consumer-Driven Energy System - Understanding Human Behaviour and Blue Sky Research for Energy Technology (2017).

Aim and Approach

The aim is to bring together international experience in the range of energy research in order to prepare national strategy papers and to bring Austrian expertise and best practice examples into the international cooperation. 

The expert group organises workshops twice each year. The results of these experts' discussions are documented in comprehensive reports.

Planned Results

The work programme 2017-2020 includes the following workshop topics:


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