Strategic Networking of RDI Programmes in Construction and Operation of Buildings

The European Commission has focused on overcoming fragmentation in European Research Areas (ERA). Eracobuild is one initiative to address this problem. Eracobuild is one component of a European innovation system for research and innovation in construction and operation of buildings.

From 2004 to 2007 the first ERA-Net on construction ERABUILD has been established as a strong platform in ERA among the member states for funding RDI (research, development, and implementation) in the construction sector. 17 members of 10 countries had been successfully involved in planning and preparing a trans-national R&D programme. ERABUILD has built an important network of funding organisations and stakeholders engaged in joint research programmes.

The second ERA-Net in construction, Eracobuild, started in Nov. 2008 with 31 partners, from 16 countries.

35 organisations from 22 nations participated in this project:

  • France: CSTB (project-coordinator), MEEDDAT
  • Austria: BMVIT (head of steering committee), FFG, ÖGUT (assistance to the head of steering committee)
  • Belgium: IWT
  • Bulgaria: ASDE
  • Croatia: MZOS, IGH 
  • Zyprus: RPF
  • Czech Republic: TZUS
  • Denmark: EBST
  • Finnland: Tekes
  • Germany: BBR, TÜV
  • Greece: CRES, GSRT
  • Hungary: EMI
  • Netherlands: Ministry of VROM, NL Agency
  • Norway: RCN, NICE
  • Poland NCBIR
  • Portugal: FCT
  • Romania: NCPM
  • Spain: MEC, CDTI
  • Sweden: Formas, BIC, SWEA
  • Switzerland: SFOE, BuH
  • Turkey: MPWS
  • Great Britain: BERR, TSB

The content was subdevided into 6 workpackages:

  • WP1 Strategy
  • WP2 Joint Programming
  • WP3a Joint Activity Implementation
  • WP3b Specific Industry oriented Joint Activities
  • WP4 Learning and Improving
  • WP5 Communication, Dissemination and Research Culture
  • WP6 Management

ÖGUT, together with the Federal Ministry for Transport Innovation and Technology, was working on work-package1 and had the leadership on WP 4.

The overall aim of Eracobuild was to develop deeper, more durable co-operation and co-ordination between national funding bodies across Europe, to increase the quality and impact of research in the construction sector and so its performance, and that of the assets it creates. 

Linked to the ECTP’s Strategic Research Agendas (SRAs) Eracobuild has defined two thematic frameworks for cooperation that will be further developed within the Eracobuild framework:

  1. Sustainable renovation, aimed at improving the building quality and energy efficiency of the existing European building stock.
  2. Value driven processes, aimed at improving supply chain and client integration and adding value to the processes and outcomes of the sector.

Three common calls for research projects were performed, Austria participated in the two Calls for “Sustainable Renovation” with the RTD programme “Building of Tomorrow Plus”. Three projects were chosen for funding within these two calls: 

•    School Vent Cool
•    ReCoRe – Energieeffiziente, Ressourcen erhaltende und differenzierte Sanierung historischer europäischer Gebäudebestände
•    WHISCERS – Whole House In‐Situ Carbon & Emission Reduction Solution

More information on the networking acitivities performed within the project can be found in the Eracobuild newsletters (see downloads).

Networking between programme managers will be continued after the end of EU financing. Every year a so called ‘Eracobuild Event’shall be organized where best practice will be exchanged. A first of these events took place in Berlin in February 2012, the next event will take place in Finland in autumn 2012, with the topic ‘User needs as drivers of development in smart cities’.

Project manager: Herbert Greisberger and Christiana Hageneder (2008 to 2010), since 2010: Claudia Dankl
Commissioned by : EC – DG Research
Project duration: November 2008 until October 2011, extended until April 2012



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