IEA Equality in Energy Transitions Initiative

The origins of the Equality Initiative date back to 2010, when it was founded as an initiative by the Clean Energy Ministerial. In June 2017, the Equality Initiative was reorganized using the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) format, becoming one of the 38 technological programs of the IEA. ÖGUT serves as an assistant to the Equality Initiative chair and member countries by providing secretary services, amongst others, in the areas of communication, building-up the network, publicity and social media as well as reports and event organisation.

Unequal opportunities to participate in energy transitions

We are pleased to provide support to the IEA in another important area", points out Beatrix Hausner, head of the Gender & Diversity-Department at ÖGUT. Adding to that, Hausner explains that „most of our studies – for example regarding the Role of Women in social-economic Transformation – have shown repeatedly, that women often face limited opportunities to participate in and profit off energy transitions".
The Equality Initiative's purpose is outlining ways to help countering those inequalities.


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