Improving Gender Equality Competences of Persons Responsible for Personnel Development in Private Enterprises and Higher Education (GeCo )

Many businesses and higher education institutions are becoming aware that gender equality is a key strategic issue in tackling growing competition for qualified staff members, and in building the conditions for future economic success. However, they often lack the information and skills necessary to implement sustainable improvements in gender equality within their own organisations.

GeCo will develop an European toolbox with practical examples of gender equality measures that can be implemented within organisations. The toolbox is conceived as an innovative selflearning instrument, which details change processes and provides concrete examples to motivate decision makers to improve gender quality in their own organisation. National network meetings on gender equality topics will provide the opportunity for HR managers to exchange experiences.

Main Project Outcomes

  • E-Toolbox of good gender equality policies and practice within the workplace
  • National network meetings with HR managers for the exchange of experience

Partner of the Project

  • TU Dortmund, Sozialforschungsstelle (sfs) (Coordinator) Germany
  • TU Berlin, Germany
  • ÖGUT, The Austrian Society for Environment and Technology, Austria
  • Graduate business school, ALBA, Greece
  • Gender Studies, Czech Republic
  • Bradford College – The UKRC, United Kingdom
  • Social Innovation Fund, SIF, Lithuania

First project results

Press release: Internationale Konferenz “Gender Equality in the Workplace”  (deutsch)

News in English language

Newsletter (deutsch)


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