Gina Waibel (currently on maternity leave)

Gender & Diversity


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Gina Waibel, MSc has been working for the ÖGUT as a research associate since February 2019. Her focus is on gender equality in corporate culture, visibility of female experts in science and technology, and on gender and socio-ecological transformation.

She has gained international experience in gender equality and mainstreaming as a gender expert for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. Prior to that, she has obtained a Master of Science Degree in Social Studies of Gender at Lund University in Sweden.


• Focus area Gender & Diversity
• „Gender Career Management" project
• Gender mainstreaming and increasing visibility for female experts in STEM
• Gender and socio-ecological transformation


Stachowitsch, Saskia/Waibel, Gina (2016) Gender und die Privatisierung von Sicherheit. Eine Einführung, SIAK-Journal − Zeitschrift für Polizeiwissenschaft und polizeiliche Praxis (2), 25-38, Online: [in German]

Waibel, Gina (2016) From avengers to heroines: muslim*women dismantling hegemonic discourses: master thesis, Lund University, Online: