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The subject areas OGUT is concerned with

Consumption & Quality of Life

This spotlights the links between the economy, consumer affairs and sustainable development.


Limited fossil fuels and the requirements of climate protection demand a trend reversal of our energy system.

Gender  & Diversity

Integrating gender mainstreaming in all fields of politics, in all activities and at all levels.

Green Investment

Boosting the supply of and demand for sustainable forms of investment and achieving an institutional framework conducive to this.

Innovative Building

Making use of existing economic and ecological potential in the construction sectors with the aim of sustainable development in Austria, by way of innovation and changing the institutional framework.


Involving stakeholders from all sectors of society in shaping public opinion, planning and reaching decisions improves the chance of finding generally accepted, sustainable solutions.


To ensure long-term quality of life and of material prosperity it needs an absolute reduction in the use of non-renewable resources, the change of the economic system on renewable raw materials, a high degree of circular economy with high recycling rates and better recyclability of products.

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